• New Series PLACES

    For some months now, I have been working more and more on a new subject. Inspired by many study trips to the south, I am now working on idyllic places that I have visited in…

  • NEW Figurative Works

    New inspiration * experiments with new subject * nude sketches  *  figurative * gestural * colorfields Nude Sketches Who are you?  …. more in Gallery > episodes Body Moves

  • Gallery Stefania Carrozzini – Venice

    LA NATURA CI PARLA(NATURE SPEAKS TO US) Italy is calling…. October 7th – 19th, 2023 VENEZIA Group exhibition in Venice at Gallery Stefania Carrozzini. Venue: Stefania Carrozzini Gallery Giudecca 597 30133 Venice/Italy Opening Reception: Saturday…

  • New Abstract Works

    Inner Landscapes shaped by memory.  …. more in Gallery > views Experiments with gestural strokes. Body Moves

  • Serie – Allgäu

    Neue Serie – Allgäu – Winterlandschaften in den Alpen/im Alpenvorland Eine Wanderung durch die Bergstätt-Region und auf den Spuren von Graf Wilhelm II. von Montfort – mit dem Blick auf den verschneiten Alpenkamm, eisige Schattenfelder,…