“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” Aristoteles

Kerstin Grobler [KUGA] is a contemporary artist based in Germany – intermittently she works in Switzerland.

She grew up at the edge of the Alpes in Bavaria/Germany. Although dedicated to art from her early years, Grobler first studied natural sciences with a PhD degree. After long-term residences in the USA, Switzerland and the Netherlands she moved to Duesseldorf/Germany.

Finally she followed her inner call and started a professional artistic education. 2019 she graduated at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Duesseldorf. Regularly she participates in art classes of Prof. Markus Lüpertz to have an intensive discourse about her works.

Her paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally in European countries at galleries, museums and International Art Fairs. Quite a few catalogues have been published.

Grobler’s preferred subject is nature in all of its facets. The inspiration for her paintings arise directly in front of her eyes during her study trips through Europe. Let it be the Mediterranean or Atlantic zones, the hot Provence, the Alpes or the barren landscapes of Scandinavia.

Recently, figurative themes have returned to the focus of her paintings. The starting point of these projects is urban life in her surroundings.


Grobler prefers an expressionistic style,  painting with colour pigments on special primed or un-primed canvas.